Foyil, Oklahoma

Andy Payne is a Foyil, Oklahoma local and now a living legend. They had a race way back that went all the way across America. Andy Payne was determined to win the race, and apparently ran all over Foyil to train for the race. He wanted the prize money so that he could save his family farm, and marry the woman he loved. After a lot of practice, not only did he win the race, but he also set a new world record on how quickly he ran it. Also, he got to come home and save his farm, and marry his sweetheart. Now, you can see 2 statues of him near Foyil, both of them include him running his heart out. The first statue is in the heart of Foyil, right in the center of town. The other is found along old route 66, headed towards the town itself.

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