St. Louis, Missouri

Citygarden is located in St. Louis, MO and is a park filled with an amazing sculpture garden. Located just near the Gateway Arch, it is filled with sights no one would want to miss. Go there and take a tour to see over 20 different artist works of art. Let your children play in the pool and fountains along the way, but make sure to glance at the rules before you let them go! They aren’t strict, but all rules should be followed. Look at arts of work from artist such as Tony Smith and Laura Ford. Also, checkout all their special events throughout the year ( as they host activities such as movie days and yoga in the park. Don’t forget to observe the beautiful flowers throughout the garden, as they have over 6 rain gardens to observe ( All of these gardens collect rain water from levels above them in order to get the plants water. It is definitely an interesting thing to see.

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