Vega, Texas

One of the bigger attractions to see in Vega, Texas is Dots Mini Museum. A small museum made up of 3 mobile homes, it is one of the more interesting museums and stops you will ever make in any of your travels. One thing you can’t miss is the boot tree, which is exactly what you think it would be! A giant tree, filled with more pairs of old boots than there are leaves. Another self-made museum, if you stop by and see that no one is around, just know that you are still more than welcome to stop by and take a look around. Don’t forget to take some time and read all the signs out front of the buildings, as they have tons of great travel advice for route 66. When you get inside, it will definitely take you awhile to look around. Inside, there are tons of artifacts that fill the walls from top to bottom from the 50s and even earlier.