Seligman, Arizona

In the town of Peach Springs, Arizona are the great Grand Canyon Caverns. When you first get there, you go over 200 feet in the ground to get to the caverns, where you are greeted by very well-lit caverns as well as a tour guide. Not only are the caverns well-lit, but they are also paved walkways, which can make it for the smaller, or more elderly, guest. One great thing about these caverns is that you can actually rent them for the night, I guess as maybe an interesting wedding venue? You will also learn along your tour that this is the original place of “dope on a rope”, where in the old days they lowered you into the caverns by just a rope and small device to hold you, partially. On top of that, stop for a bite to eat in the attached diner where the food is always fresh and delicious.