near Williams, Arizona

If you have been traveling east along route 66, eventually you will come across the south rim of the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon covers over 1,900 square feet and is the 15th oldest national park. The Grand Canyon is split into 2 major sections, the south rim and the north rim. The south rim is open all year, and the north rim is only open May 15- October 15, although both contain plenty of amazing destinations. One exciting thing to do in the canyon is donkey rides, and they even offer nighttime rides so that you can explore the canyon under the stars! You can also do a wide range of activities like hiking, tours, and rafting. Camping is allowed as well, so pack your tent. Don’t forget to take one of the many ranger programs, which are like guided tours that teach you all about the park, its history, and the wildlife that’s in it. You can also take some time to walk the “trail of time” which doesn’t take as much time as you would think. Located at the south rim, it is only 1.2 miles long, it is filled with geological information about the canyon and samples of every layer in the Grand Canyon.