Santa Fe, New Mexico

La Bajada Hill is essentially route 66, although you have to know where to go to find it. There are no huge signs to this road, and many people travel it without even realizing. However, this historic road has a lot of history behind it. If you get the chance to see this beautiful sight, please be warned to go slow when actually going down this hill. It is old, steep, and not necessarily the safest. Many people say you need the right car, and right tire pressure, just to make it down the hill. However, once you do, you will see another old side of route 66 many people do not. There is an old bridge down at the bottom of the hill that crosses the sante fe river. If you take the time to hike down this road, make sure to take a close look at all rocks and stones, because a lot of them still have old art work and drawings from Native Americans that once lived on that road!