Flagstaff, Arizona

Lowell Observatory was established in the late 1800’s and to this day still funds tons of research for various foundations. However, this is a great place to stop and learn some new things about space that you probably never had the chance to learn! Always take some time to check out their calendar of events (https://lowell.edu/outreach/special-events/) since they have plenty of chances to meet an actual astronomer, and other various special guests. Also, take some time to go through a guided tour, where you will get to see the Pluto discovery telescope, along with the history and exploration of Pluto itself. Also, you can take a tour about the observatory itself, were you will learn all about the history of it as well as some historic telescopes like the 24” Clark Refracting Telescope (that can actually still be used to this day!). Also, at certain times of the day you can go to the solar program, where you will get the chance to look at the sun, or stars, directly through a telescope that doesn’t hurt your eyes!

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