Winslow, Arizona

Once you are headed north out of Winslow, you have to stop by the meteor crater in Arizona. Although the name is ironic, it was not planned that way. Most natural features are named after the nearest post office, and the one closest to this crater happened to be Meteor, and so it was named the Meteor Crater. This crater is 1200 m in diameter, and actually has a square shape not circular. You can stop by and see the crater, but don’t think you’ll be stuck in the heat all day. There is also a learning center nearby were you can do many things. One of these is an interactive learning center where you can take your kids to do activities that will help them understand were craters come from. Also, pop in the theater and get an educational movie about space. If you spend to much time, don’t feel the need to rush to leave. Simply stop by the RV park and take a break overnight (

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