Towanda, Illinois

Towanda is one of the more passionate towns that celebrate and remember route 66. Although the town was cut off as new route became more popular and no one took that part of route 66, Towanda made sure to remember route 66 and commemorate it appropriately. Even though the town has only 500 people in their community, they have worked together to restore and save a lot of history in their town. The famous bridge entering their town was supposed to be demolished not too long ago, until the students at the local school petitioned and got it put on the historic list so that it could be restored and saved. Along with their iconic bridge, you can also see Eddies Pure Oil Truck Stop, and even take the local route 66 exhibit. This is a 1.6 mile walk along a portion of route 66 in their town that is no longer utilized since the new interstate systems.