San Bernardino, California

Anyone who grew up eating McDonalds has got to stop by the Original McDonalds Museum in San Bernardino, California. This museum is actually the original location of the first McDonalds, which opened in the early 40s as a BBQ carhop. Now owned by a local restaurant owner, it has been converted into a museum full of memories and tales of McDonalds. One things you can see is the very first menu that was in their original restaurant, and the interesting things they sold at first such as peanut butter sandwiches with french fries. You can see all of the first logos they had, which included a character by the name of speedy. Also don’t forget to find the first Ronald McDonald mascot they had, some people think it is actually a little creepy. This museum if full of old newspaper articles, memorabilia, bags and toys that McDonalds had in there up and coming years.