St. Louis, Missouri

One of the more thrilling stops to make along route 66 is Six Flags in Eureka, Missouri. Historically, it was the third of only three original parks that Six Flags created, and it is still standing for some fun to this day. One of the newer exhibits that they offer is a Mardi Gras exhibit that is complete with your own mardi gras parade ( Six flags truly offers fun for people of all ages and likings, like the Boomerang rollercoaster that pulls you back and then shoots you across the ride! For those who love water, make sure to stop by the water park and hop on the Bonzai Pipeline that shoots you straight down from almost 50 feet high in the air. They also have fun for the little ones, such as the bugs bunny fort, that gives the kids some fun time to run throughout the world of bugs bunny! Also, they have tons of live entertainment and shows that they offer, you can check out the calendar by clicking here:

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