Winslow, Arizona

On May 1, 1972, everything changed for the small town of Winslow, Arizona. This is when the Eagles released their song “take it easy”, which actually mentioned the town in their lyrics. After that, the town was quite popular until a stretch of I-40 opened up and took most of the visitors away from that part of route 66. However, Winslow decided not to let that stop them, and now you can stop by and see quite a sight in downtown Winslow. They have a beautiful park downtown, with a statue of a musician actually ‘standing on the corner’. The best time to visit is around the end of September, when they host the annual Standin’ on the Corner Festival. Over 100,000 people come every year so that they can collectively stand on the corner. Although this is not an attraction with a large amount to do, the history and music behind this site definitely puts it at the top of the list for traveling route 66.