Edgewood, New Mexico

Wildlife West Nature Park is more than just a beautiful park that covers over 100 acres. It is also filled with a zoo and an entertainment area. There is just more than just hiking and traditional nature park activities here, so make sure to check out their schedule of activities here (http://wildlifewest.org/wwblog/2015/12/coming-up/). They also host daily activities on the park grounds, such as goat yoga with your children, which is a great experience to practice yoga in a natural environment. While hiking or exploring, it is important to keep a look out where you are walking, because this is a huge area for rattlesnakes! One other great thing about the zoo is that all the animals in the park are rescued from situations that have hurt them, to the point they can’t return to the wild and live normally. So although the animals might not be of wide selection, just know that they only take animals that have been abused in the past.

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